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Say ‘Hello’ To Your Copywriter In The Cloud

Your business depends on words. Words that sell, inspire, and engage.

Words that bring you greater profits, and transform the lives of your customers and prospects.

That’s why you need GrooveCopyPro.

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Our Partners And Clients Love Us To Pieces

The Words You Need When You Need Them

Everything from email campaigns to sales pages to ad copy to industry-specific content and more — you name it, GrooveCopyPro delivers it to you within minutes, and at a fraction of the cost of hiring a copywriter.

Entire Campaigns At Your Fingertips

GrooveCopyPro’s network includes some of the greatest copywriters alive. They’ve generously given you entire email sequences and marketing packages that our smart machine recreates, using your words as a learning template. Cool. : )

A Learning Machine That’s As Friendly As A Puppy

GrooveCopyPro intelligently seeds your sales copy with keywords known to convert, while giving you the option to self-select, add, and edit. The result? Your voice is combined with proven, professional copy, making sales magic happen.

We’ll Find Just About Anything For Ya 

GrooveCopyPro allows you to smart-filter your searches based on everything from famous marketers, to tone of voice, to the focus of the template chosen, and more. 

More Than Just Copy At A Click

Our Niche Builder will help you customize your marketing for your specific avatar and target niche. The result is more sales in less time, and unique branding that helps you stand out from your competition.

Includes Our New AI Package So You Can…

Click, Clone And Rewrite Any Template

GrooveCopyPro AI updates GrooveCopyPro’s “Regeneration” feature and now allows you to make multiple copies of your rewritten templates. Now you can click and compare, making reading and even split-testing even easier.

Rewrite Sentences And Paragraphs

While before you could only overwrite an existing template, with GrooveCopyPro AI you can rewrite selected sentences and paragraphs. Use our Quick Rewrite for instant results, or Creative Rewrite for near-endless AI-written alternatives.

Impact Score™ Your Copy Selections

Now you can use GrooveCopyPro AI to test the quality of your copy, right down to the sentence. We’ll run your selection against over 1 billion data points to predict how well it will impact your prospects.

Test Your Wits Against Our AI : )

GrooveCopyPro AI lets you write your own ideas down within our Copy Tester. Then our AI goes to work to hone and perfect it, turning it into sales-ready gold in seconds.

Wanna Hear The Good Word?

Here at Digital Marketer, we use CopyPro to leverage our small team of copywriters, and when you toss in the subject lines and headlines and everything else… well, this really should be a $10,000 product or more!

Ryan Deiss

CEO, Digital Marketer

We’re known for some of the most lucrative email campaigns in the business, and our internal guys use this all the time. It’s absolutely killer!

Joe Schriefer

Publisher, Agora Financial

I used to take me virtually all day to write a promotional piece, and it would never perform the way I wanted it to. With CopyPro I can generate what I need in a matter of minutes, and it converts like crazy!

AmondaRose Igoe

Public Speaking Coach

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